Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Lawyer Lawfirm Oslo Norway Corporate recovery Insolvency Bankruptcy RestructuringRime is one of the leading insolvency firms in Norway. The firm’s history started back in the 60s as one of the first law firms in Norway who undertook management of complex and large estates. We handle a large number of bankruptcy cases every year, including both complex estates and estates that require a multidisciplinary approach. This gives us a unique expertise in advising in restructuring of companies, advising creditors, banks and giving general advice related to insolvency and bankruptcy law.

Core expertise:

Rime’s background as one of the leading bankruptcy firms has given us a unique position to advise clients in connection with insolvency, be it to the company with financial challenges or to creditors and others who are affected by the situation. We assist in debt negotiations under the Bankruptcy Act, negotiating “stand still agreements”, refinancing and moratoriums. We also negotiate and implement agreed solutions.

Creditor representation
Rime regularly advice banks and other creditors in respect of insolvency situations. We assist in connection with seizure of assets, forced sale of mortgaged property and other security interests, evaluating the legality of past transactions, creditor representation in negotiations and handling of conflicts with other creditors and the borrowers.

Advice to board of directors and management
We have extensive experience in advising the board of directors and management of companies in distressed situations relating to how the business can and should proceed.

Bankruptcy estate management
5 of Rime’s partners are regularly appointed trustees in bankruptcy cases by the courts. Nearly 50 years of experience in handling both simple and complex bankruptcy estates have given us unique experience and expertise.

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